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What is PRIMO Marketing?

For the last few years companies and their marketing departments have been looking for ways to establish a PRIMO brand , or if they already have a great brand, PRIMO marketing programs that give them a dominant position in their marketplace. In addition to this challenge to build the brand and the plan, marketing managers are being challenged to measure all results and to produce hard ROI numbers to company executives. These same executives want better and stronger brand equity, control and expansion. The pressure to meet need all these demands is raising everywhere.

At Texas Premier Safeguard (TXPSG) we try and help our clients and prospects put their uniqueness into motion. This uniqueness becomes a major element of their brand. It is what separates them from their competition and gives them a competitive advantage. According to Harvard Business Review, 97% of companies cannot articulate their uniqueness. With this uniqueness, we help them create, manage and measure a PRIMO Branding platform. Once this platform is created we can develop and establish a PRIMO Marketing plan to put the brand into motion in very measurable ways.

Any marketing campaign and materials should now be tagged with the uniqueness and with QR codes ( fast response on electronic devices) and/or personalized codes (PURLS) that direct the receiver back to special targeted landing pages. This type of multimedia trigger can be used on printed material, signage, promotional items or any other type of material that is directed to targeted receivers.

These project specific landing pages ( which we can launch quickly) will help the marketing personnel measure, sift and sort through responses very quickly. In the past, this type of response has only been available in the printing products but now is available in the promotional products purchases as well. In addition to these measuring devices, the canvas of printing space for brand control has been great expanded in the promotional products product lines.

These campaign landing pages or target landing pages allow the marketing department to determine quickly if a response should be assigned to sales for immediate response or should be placed in the nurturing system for future development ( we can provide this PRIMO Marketing platform if you don't have one). Once the response has been captured by the landing page, additional processes and communication sequences can be developed and deployed. The ability to launch a campaign/target specific landing page in becoming critical in measuring results and ROI.

To dominate your competitors, you need to establish a PRIMO Brand and develop a PRIMO Marketing plan to produce the results and ROI the company executives are demanding.

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